Randy Langione

Master Guitarist

A Tribute to Kevin Smith 5/23/1950 – 8/09/2009

kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

It brings me great sadness to inform all my friends and family of Kevin Smith’s passing.

Kevin was an incredible musician [singer, guitarist & drummer] and the best songwriter you ever heard. I have been friends with Kevin and his brother Tom, for over 25 years now. I am most fortunate to have played and been associated with them and their music over that whole period. A lifetime.

After the tragedy on 9/11, Kevin went on a long benefit tour of the firehouses in the New York area performing FREE and helping raise thousands of dollars for the families of the Firefighters and Policemen who gave their lives to save others. He did this tirelessly and sometimes 2 to 3 a day.

They did not forget as there were hundreds who came for him the last few days. Calls have been coming in from around the states and from Ireland where he was well known.

He was so well loved; I just had to pass this on as I am having a hard time with this. Please go to his website and listen to the music and you will know why.

In one of his songs he sang: “ I’m afraid you’ll get over me, if I get over you.”

Kevin, we will never get over you and your music will live on.

I hope you will pass this on, go to the website and get his cd’s.

God bless his brothers and sister and his wife Joanne,

Randy Langione